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:Fursona:~MCR Tribute~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~MCR Tribute~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 4 0 :Fursona:~Go on and get SCHWIFTYYY~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Go on and get SCHWIFTYYY~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 8 5 :Fursona:~Give Em Hell,Kid~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Give Em Hell,Kid~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 17 6 :Persona:~If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat~ by SchwiftyBurito :Persona:~If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 6 Marvel:ThorBritt~You are my Galaxy~ by SchwiftyBurito Marvel:ThorBritt~You are my Galaxy~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 10 0 DAID: ~Don't hate me for being so Schwifty~ by SchwiftyBurito DAID: ~Don't hate me for being so Schwifty~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 3 :RrandM:~The Schwiftiest of Families~ by SchwiftyBurito :RrandM:~The Schwiftiest of Families~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 10 6 :RickandMorty:~Let's get going..~ by SchwiftyBurito :RickandMorty:~Let's get going..~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 0 :RickandMorty:~The SAUCE of all things awesome~ by SchwiftyBurito :RickandMorty:~The SAUCE of all things awesome~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 8 0 AT:CeaciliaSolo:~Contempate~ by SchwiftyBurito AT:CeaciliaSolo:~Contempate~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 7 2 Gift:KatsuMoon23:~Uchiha Playtime~ by SchwiftyBurito Gift:KatsuMoon23:~Uchiha Playtime~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 6 5 :MLP:~Rebel Cut~ by SchwiftyBurito :MLP:~Rebel Cut~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 9 3 Req:Waruto:~Such A Ladies Man~ by SchwiftyBurito Req:Waruto:~Such A Ladies Man~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 7 1 :Waruto:~Satoru Hatake~ by SchwiftyBurito :Waruto:~Satoru Hatake~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 9 0 :Waruto: ~Shizako(The Last/Boruto Design) by SchwiftyBurito :Waruto: ~Shizako(The Last/Boruto Design) :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 7 0 :Waruto:~A Storm is Coming~ by SchwiftyBurito :Waruto:~A Storm is Coming~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 10 0
Man I am OBSESSED with these fandoms, which is what my Gallery consists of,other than my original ocs and work:
:bulletblue: Naruto
:bulletblue:The Avengers
:bulletblue:Attack On Titan
:bulletblue:Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
:bulletblue: Homestuck
:bulletblue: Left4Dead2
:bulletblue: Ao No Exorcist
:bulletblue: Bleach
:bulletblue: Kingdom Hearts
:bulletblue: Waruto

I love these dudes:
Uchiha Itachi Fan Stamp by gangsterg Mello Stamp by SitarPlayerIX Stamp: Eridan by Michiru-Mew Zexion stamp by SitarPlayerIX MARVEL Thor Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler I Love Thorin Stamp by Allendra3 APH-Wang Yao stamp by Tokis Eyeless Jack stamp (new) by akatten Sirius Black - stamp by marauder-padfoot Grimmjow Stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl Byakuya stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl


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United States
Why..Herro there!!

//UnderTale//Sans//PageDoll//Animated// by EmberCL
(Art by :iconembercl:)

:heart: ItaShiza HappyStamp by wilnaah ThorBritt HappyStamp by wilnaah:heart:

:bulletred:Full Name:Just call me Britt!
:bulletred:Nicknames: Britt,Britts,BrittSpurm,Burito,B-Dawg,Squeakers
:bulletred:Age/Birthday:23,April 17th 1992
:bulletred:Location:Albuquerque,NM, USA
:bulletred:Sexual Orientation/Status:Bisexual,Taken by :iconkaydolf:/:iconlord-waffle:


:Fursona:~MCR Tribute~
Ahh late as always.
Yesterday(7/23/2017) was International My Chemical Romance Day, celebrating the release of their first album, I brought you My Bullets, You brought me Your Love.
And I'm late but I still made something!
I will always love this band.
I basically owe them my life lol.
This has the first song I ever listened to by MCR "Honey, This Mirror isn't Big Enough for the Two Of Us"
After that Ii was hooked.
Hope ya like!

MCR Lyrics/Logo(C)Them
:Fursona:~Go on and get SCHWIFTYYY~
Ugh art block sucks,
I can't draw so I'm editing bases to try and wake my art skills up.
I couldn't pass this up lmao its too perfect.
Have a twerking Britt? XD

Base is by :icon8bitsnake:
Britt belongs to me
Hey can anybody trade me 400 points for 4$ PayPal? 
Still haven't gotten a response from the HelpDesk.
I'm stressing out however, my Fiances friend had a similar issue and ended up having to move to a new DA account. She also lost all her points.
So..I may be out of 600+ :points:,but more than that I might have to start all over again and I'm worried that I'll lose all the wonderful people I know on here :iconcryforeverplz:
I've been doing commissions and I have 620 points earned.
Well I owe 100 for a commission, but DA won't let me send them?It says my account is banned from the store? I messaged the help desk but I don't know how long it'll be for a response and I would like to pay the artist ASAP.
Any suggestions guys? has anyone ever ran into this problem??
:Fursona:~Give Em Hell,Kid~
Finally the perfect design!
I loved Ani but she was a bit difficult and I missed my Border Collie bab.
So have the ever emo,slightly edgy and hugely nerdy Britt.
Anthro version to come soon.
And yes, that is a Newt Scamander shoulder bag XD

MCR Logo(C)My Chemical Romance
Sans(C)Toby Fox
Newt Scamander/Fantastic Beasts(c) J.K Rowling
:Persona:~If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat~
Will I ever stop quoting MCR? I'll probably have their lyrics on my headstone when I die.
Anywho this is my persona's new look. Much edgy,such emo.
I love her outfit, mainly because its something I already wear (except the collar I need one)
I'm exceedingly happy with my humans lately, I think I've gotten to a place where I'm just so happy with my art.

I hope ya like!

Marvel:ThorBritt~You are my Galaxy~
Damn my human style has developed a LOT. I have been practicing a lot more, I'm pretty happy with the results.
I had to draw these two dweebs, what with all the hype for Ragnarok. I'll have to draw Britt's reaction to Thor's haircut as well lol.
I'm also playing with textures and well,I may have gotten addicted just a bit.I love anything galaxy themed lol.

Hope ya like!

Thor Odinson(C)Marvel
DAID: ~Don't hate me for being so Schwifty~
Ayy guys! Miss me? I missed all of you too!
I've been pretty busy with job hunting and the Art communities on Facebook.
But I still love DA. An I have a whole bunch of arts for ya!
Still in Rick and Morty mode for the most part XD

Anyway hope ya like!

Rick and Morty(C)Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland
T-shirt Logo(C)My Chemical Romance
Ayy! sorry I've been gone.
Will be posting art in a bit.
Also I need 10 points real quick.I'll do a commission in return! 
Apr 3, 2017
:iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito has changed their username (formerly DeterminedBurito)
:RrandM:~The Schwiftiest of Families~
I think I'm getting this style down dawgs :iconricksanchezplz:
Here's my and my awesome fambam XD

Left to  Right:
Max the Cuddlebug
Scout the Protector
Kayla, my squishy lovebug
T-Bone the old and wise
Myself, the Nerdy as fuck emo chick
Chance, the smartass genius doggo.

Hope ya like!

Rick and Morty(C)Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland
:RickandMorty:~Let's get going..~
*So..are we ready to go yet? I'm missing out on a sweet party for this..*grumbles* always a pain in my ass aren't you Rick?....

XD grouchy bab.
I have finally done her justice.
Love drawing in this style, it's my favorite I think lol

Rick and Morty(C)Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
:RickandMorty:~The SAUCE of all things awesome~
I died with excitement lol.

Poor Rick,I hope he gets his sauce c:

I can't draw Morty fml.

Rrick and Morty(C)Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
Ahh :iconceaciliasolo: I'm so so sorry this is late! I haven't had a chance to get on DA due to not having internet.
Here's my half of our art trade,  The Jedi Master Ceacilia-Tarifil.
She was a joy to draw,and I hope you like this! I'm still so sorry about the wait!!

Ceacilia-Tarifil(c) CeaciliaSolo
Star Wars(C)Disney I believe


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 17, 2017, 1:51 AM

Sorry,we don't have internet atm and are trying to get money to pay the bill.
I'll try to post art trades this week.
Hope you're all doing well!

and yes,The Naruto bug has fully infected me.XD

  • Listening to: CreepyPastas
  • Reading: Waruto Comics
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: The Sims
  • Eating: Hot Dogs
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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