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:Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~*UPDATE* by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~*UPDATE* :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 11 2 :ITOC:-Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me- by SchwiftyBurito :ITOC:-Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me- :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 10 5 FA:IT 2017:~Now We know each other!~ by SchwiftyBurito FA:IT 2017:~Now We know each other!~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 11 0 CM:MLP:~Caramel drop~ by SchwiftyBurito CM:MLP:~Caramel drop~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 8 5 G:SharkyLevi~Conversations and Plushies~ by SchwiftyBurito G:SharkyLevi~Conversations and Plushies~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 0 :Undertale/Fursona:~DOGgone great place to chill~ by SchwiftyBurito :Undertale/Fursona:~DOGgone great place to chill~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 7 0 :Fursona:~And The Sun Will Set For You(Tribute)~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~And The Sun Will Set For You(Tribute)~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 6 0 :FBAWTFT:~Anifaylus:UPDATE:~ by SchwiftyBurito :FBAWTFT:~Anifaylus:UPDATE:~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 3 3 :UnderFell:~Not so Dangerous~ by SchwiftyBurito :UnderFell:~Not so Dangerous~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 6 1 :Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 6 0 :Fursona:~MCR Tribute~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~MCR Tribute~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 8 3 :Fursona:~Go on and get SCHWIFTYYY~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Go on and get SCHWIFTYYY~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 8 6 :Fursona:~Give Em Hell,Kid~ by SchwiftyBurito :Fursona:~Give Em Hell,Kid~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 19 6 :Persona:~If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat~ by SchwiftyBurito :Persona:~If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 6 Marvel:ThorBritt~You are my Galaxy~ by SchwiftyBurito Marvel:ThorBritt~You are my Galaxy~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 12 0 DAID: ~Don't hate me for being so Schwifty~ by SchwiftyBurito DAID: ~Don't hate me for being so Schwifty~ :iconschwiftyburito:SchwiftyBurito 13 3
Man I am OBSESSED with these fandoms, which is what my Gallery consists of,other than my original ocs and work:
:bulletblue: Naruto
:bulletblue:The Avengers
:bulletblue:Attack On Titan
:bulletblue:Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
:bulletblue: Homestuck
:bulletblue: Left4Dead2
:bulletblue: Ao No Exorcist
:bulletblue: Bleach
:bulletblue: Kingdom Hearts
:bulletblue: Waruto

I love these dudes:
Uchiha Itachi Fan Stamp by gangsterg Mello Stamp by SitarPlayerIX Stamp: Eridan by Michiru-Mew Zexion stamp by SitarPlayerIX MARVEL Thor Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler I Love Thorin Stamp by Allendra3 APH-Wang Yao stamp by Tokis Eyeless Jack stamp (new) by akatten Sirius Black - stamp by marauder-padfoot Grimmjow Stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl Byakuya stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl


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United States
Why..Herro there!!

//UnderTale//Sans//PageDoll//Animated// by EmberCL
(Art by :iconembercl:)

:heart: ItaShiza HappyStamp by wilnaah ThorBritt HappyStamp by wilnaah:heart:

:bulletred:Full Name:Just call me Britt!
:bulletred:Nicknames: Britt,Britts,BrittSpurm,Burito,B-Dawg,Squeakers
:bulletred:Age/Birthday:23,April 17th 1992
:bulletred:Location:Albuquerque,NM, USA
:bulletred:Sexual Orientation/Status:Bisexual,Taken by :iconkaydolf:/:iconlord-waffle:


:Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~*UPDATE*
Made a few updates to Britts ref lol. 
Also I got the newer base from Waitress and wanted to use that c:
Still need to do a bio. 
Hope ya like!

Bases by Waitress and :icononlyhalfpigeon:
Texture by :iconvxcky:
All other images and logos belong to the proper owners.
:ITOC:-Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me-
I made an OC for the IT movie.
Fight me lol.
And I couldn't help myself. Researching bands that would be popular around the late 80s as thats the timeline in the movie(No MCR sadly) I discovered Pennywise, for all the angsty emo needs. And the name is too perfect XDD

Really she's mostly a self insert with a few changes.
Working on some stuff with her personality/backstory but basically: 

-Has Coulrophobia but will often try to act like she doesn't
-Looks edgy and grumpy but is actually sweet and protective
-Scar is from Henry Bowers(shes not afarid of him and will fight him)
-Shes a couple years older than the Losers Club and is an honorary member, shes basically the older sister to everyone in the group
-Is saracastic af
-Probably lives in her hoodie 
--Really good friends with Richie
-Will get on anyones case if they make fun of Bills stutter
(more later!)

It(C)Stephen King 
BG Texture(C):iconvxcky:
FA:IT 2017:~Now We know each other!~
I know, someone with Coulrophobia drawing a clown? whaat?
I'm actually not afarid of this version of Pennywise.I enjoy him immensely though!
I loved the movie, I went in thinking I wouldn't, after all Tim Currys shoes would be hard to fill.
But the writing was witty,funny and thrilling. I personally wasn't scared aside from the "Clown Room" scene, but I loved it nonetheless.
If you haven't seen it I definitely suggest it! I'll be doing more fanart soon c:

It(C)Stephen King 
G:SharkyLevi~Conversations and Plushies~
Just a gift I had drawn for :iconsharkylevi: earlier this year.
Its her gorgroeus OC Levi and Britt anjoying a chat and chilling with Itachi and Madara plushies c:
I need to draw Lecvi again :heart:

Hope ya like!

Itachi and Madara(C)Kishimoto
:Undertale/Fursona:~DOGgone great place to chill~
Lol so Kayla as upset that  I hadn't recently drawn any Undertale art. (I've been too obsessed with my fursona)
So to placate her I drew this. And nope,still can't draw 

I love drawing scenes in Waterfall XD. 

Hope ya like?

Snas/undertale(C)Toby Fox
:Fursona:~And The Sun Will Set For You(Tribute)~
A little tribute I did after Cchester Benningtons tragic suicide,
Linkin Park was a big influence in my life, and like MCR I turned to their music and found strength that kept me from ending my own life.
I feel so aweful that Chester was suffering. I can only hope that in the afterlie he has finally found peace.And my condolences to his family and all of the fans that I know have a huge hole in their heart,

May he rest in peace.

Song/Lyrics(C)Linkin Park 
Galaxy Texture(C):iconera-7:
Ii also updated this Bab. 
She has a new backstory/bio and all right here: 



Also Known As: Ani, Fay, An (pronounced Ann)

Age: 25

Birthday: April 17th

Nationality: American

Species: Hybrid

Blood Type: AB

Astrological Sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Past/Bio: Ani was born in the mountains in the Southwestern United States. Like most predators she was raised by her parents for a year, then sent off on her own. She didn’t discover her human form until later, and rarely used it. Living in the wild for a majority of her life, she ends up in the Northeastern part of the U.S. A strange sickness breaks out, and Ani crosses path with a Wizard running from a sick animal. She ends up rescuing them, but later is captured by the MACUSA. She is kept under control by a collar that causes pain when activated by a wand, and is being kept under surveillance, as well as being studied to understand what she is. She is sometimes used to accompany Aurors on missions,but otherwise is kept caged underground.

About Him/Her

Personality: Ani is a bit aloof and shy at first. Highly independent she doesn’t ask for assistance and prefers to figure things out on her own. Wary of humans, after a few bad run ins and general warnings from her parents she tends to avoid them, viewing them as a destructive species that is dangerous. She values her freedom above anything else, she will become depressed and withdrawn if it’s taken away. She doesn’t trust anyone easily, but when she does she’s easygoing, sarcastic and humorous. She will die for the ones she cares about, and may even be a bit possessive over them ( but keep it to herself). She’s highly predatory, and may cause nervous people/prey animals to be nervous around her. If she doesn’t know someone she doesn’t like them near here, but when she gets to know them she enjoys the contact (Like wolves in a pack, they enjoy contact with each other to keep their bonds strong.) She’s intelligent, and can be charismatic and passionate when she fully trusts someone.


- Thunderstorms

-Cinnamon Candy

- Being in the wild

- Hunting

- Caves


- Chains,Collars, cages

- Chocolate (it smells great but she can’t eat it)

-Crowded places

-Anywhere inhabited by people

-Loud sounds (Cars/trains ect)


Fears:</b> Being captured, Losing the people she cares about.

Strength: Determined as hell, has heightened senses, has sharp fangs, is flexible and fast. Lacks fear of most threats.

Weakness: Can rush into a fight too easily, thinks she can handle anything on her own, underestimates her opponents at times.

Talents: Can speak to all animals/beasts except for insects/fish/things like the obscurus.Sings really well,Fairly Athletic.Can read others perfectly.


Height:</b> 5'6

Skin Tone: Mid-tone

Eye Color: Has heterochromia iridium. Left eye is violet, right eye is blue.

Hair Description:

- Color: </b>Black

- Highlights: may look bluish-black in some lights.

- Length: Medium length.

- Style: Pixie cut, long in the front on the left side.


- Scars:</b> several, from various fights.

- Facial Features: Has black markings around her eyes like her animal form.

- Scent: smells like the air after a rainstorm/sometimes like cinnamon.


Father:</b> unknown/deceased

Mother: unknown/deceased

Siblings: n/a

Relatives: None known

Best Friends: None yet

Friends: Gets along with Jason and Queenie and Tina. Also open for others.

Love Interest: Newt Scamander

Enemies: Those who threaten the ones she cares about.


Home Town:</b> The rocky mountains.

Residence: Currently MACUSA.

Loyalty: Those she’s close too.

Organizations: N/A

Extra Information:

Theme Song:</b> Breathe Into Me by Red.

Food: Raw meat or Steak.

Drink: Tea,Water

Color: Blue

Animal: Wolf

Flower: Lily

Season: Fall

FBAWTFT(C)J.K Rowling 

:UnderFell:~Not so Dangerous~
Lol its been awhile since I've posted anything on here.
I drew this about 4 months ago. 
Its sort of a redraw of this: :thumb650228747:
I'm never going to be good at drawing Sans :iconcryplz:

But have these two cuties anyway 

Hope ya like!

Underfell(C)underfell on tumblr
Sans(C)Toby Fox
:Fursona:~Britt Ref 2017~
Ahh did a full ref of my bab using the Waitress base.

Took me 2 days but was hella worth it c:

And yes, that is MCR font XD 

I'll write out a bio soon. Hope ya like!

:Fursona:~MCR Tribute~
Ahh late as always.
Yesterday(7/23/2017) was International My Chemical Romance Day, celebrating the release of their first album, I brought you My Bullets, You brought me Your Love.
And I'm late but I still made something!
I will always love this band.
I basically owe them my life lol.
This has the first song I ever listened to by MCR "Honey, This Mirror isn't Big Enough for the Two Of Us"
After that Ii was hooked.
Hope ya like!

MCR Lyrics/Logo(C)Them


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